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Start creating your own music with Ejay Dance, a simple sequencer loaded with samples. Don't let the music stop with Ejay Dance, a must for any music lover

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One of the classic programs to mix music, is without any doubt, Ejay Dance, an application that saw the light for the first time in 1997 and that has even had versions for PlayStation 2. Ejay Dance allows the user to create music without complications, being the reason of its success. Other applications can be more complete, but with none of them will we obtain such amazing and immediate results.

  If you like creating dance music, there's nothing better than taking your first steps at home, so that you slowly start to understand the tricks that professionals do, because they normally use very similar software.

  Ejay Dance is an application with a very simple and intuitive interface that has a very small learning curve (if you know the jargon of this style of music). With this software you will be able to create your own style by using the 48 simultaneous virtual tracks that it includes and the more than 4,500 samples that it puts at the user's disposal .

  All in all, Ejay Dance is an application that offers you the possibility to gain access to computer generated music with enormous possibilities and an interface that simplifies the learning process.
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