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Elecard DVD Player is a product by the company that gives it its name. A multimedia player loaded with codecs and filters. Download Elecard DVD Player now

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Even though its name includes the word DVD, the truth is that Elecard DVD Player is a rather good and versatile multimedia player that supports many formats. Whether DVD, VCD, AVI, DivX,... The most common formats and codecs are all supported by this player.

  Elecard is a company specialized in the development of audio and video codecs, thus guaranteeing very high quality when playing any format. Furthermore, Elecard DVD Player has a very well designed and useful interface on which we'll obtain all the information that we may require about a file or disc that we are playing by just having a quick look.

  Elecard DVD Player includes a large amount of filters and codecs developed by the same company with the intention of improving the audio and video of any DVD, something that will make sure that the playback of any video will have very high quality and will work without any problems.

  On the other hand, the interface of the player is totally customizable, with the possibility to download designs from the Internet that, once applied, will make Elecard DVD Player (also known as Elecard MPEG Player) a very nice looking player.
Elecard Ltd.
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