3.1.3 With Electrum you'll get hold of Bitcoin's lightest and safest virtual wallet. Download Electrum free as an alternative to Bitcoin-Qt and start using it now
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The main drawback of many Bitcoin clients is that they require the complete download of the Bitcoin network's whole block chain, which has quite a considerable size. With Electrum you can get hold of a virtual desktop wallet without needing to store all that information on your PC.

Lightweight alternative to Bitcoin-Qt.

The "quick" solution to store BTCs on your PC

In general, the safest way to store Bitcoins is by means of a desktop client. However, many of the virtual wallets that are currently available require us to download all the information about all the transactions carried out from the very beginning of Bitcoin's time, before we can even think about starting to use them. With Electrum you can make use of a compromise solution:

  • Store the wallet on your PC.
  • Carry out transactions by connecting to remote servers.

Electrum doesn't download the block chain.

By downloading Electrum to your PC you'll have a lightweight and secure Bitcoin client.

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Antony Peel
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