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Elemental Dungeon is a cute RPG with stylised pixelated visuals where we have to make our way through the dungeons using the power of the elements

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Fancy trying an original, old school style RPG? TBG Limited studio invites us to travel to a fantastic medieval world full of monsters where we will go through dark dungeons with heroes and master the magic of elemental power.

Each adventure is unique thanks to the random dungeons.

Adventures and dungeons

Elemental Dungeon is a cool adventure and role-playing title with a classic feel. Inspired by the design of the RPGs of the 16-bit video consoles and a nice pixel art aesthetic, this game is based on a system of random dungeons which we will make our way through with our character.

To do this we will have to make use of elemental magic, like fire or water. You can equip up to three elements and attack by combining them with the buttons in the lower right corner. But we won't be able to attack frantically, since our mana is limited (obviously, where would be the fun if not).

Play as a magician, hunter or ronin!

Each scenario is full of dangers that we will have to be very careful with, as the game ends when our life bar is at zero. Every time our character is defeated we will see the total number of floors we have climbed, as well as the reward we have obtained and a comparison with the other players.

But apart from fighting monsters and watching out for traps, we'll also have to hit the bogeyman to solve the puzzles in each room. And on top of that, there's a multiplayer mode to play collaboratively with your friends or challenge them in PvP battles.

The characters are cute, the graphics are really cool and the soundtrack is genuinely awesome. Whether you like classic RPGs or are ready for a new adventure on your Android, this game is for you. What are you waiting for to download the APK file?

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Laura Stutt
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