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Elementary OS is a Linux distribution with the most elegant design implemented up to now. Elementary OS has nothing to envy of Mac OS X or Windows

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Until not so long ago, when many users thought about Linux, they imagined a complicated and tedious operating system that doesn't seem very welcoming for new users without hardly any computing experience. This changed with the arrival of Ubuntu, that brought this excellent operating system closer to many people and made way for distributions such as Elementary OS.

The most elegant Linux distribution

The fact is that the developers of Elementary OS don't think that design is incompatible with Linux's efficiency, and especially not with the idea of free software that this OS represents. In fact, it possibly makes use of the best Linux design seen to the date, and has nothing to envy of other environments on Mac and Windows that have looked after this aspect a lot more.

The Linux distro with the best design.

Elementary OS forks from Ubuntu and intends to win over the everyday computer user by means of a well-cared aspect, but without neglecting the technical aspects that make Linux the operating system of those users that want stability without frights. It incorporates several native elements, such as the Pantheon environment, file explorer and applications that fully integrate into the interface.


  • Well-cared aspect of the interface.
  • Design aimed at being used by all users.
  • Distribution that stems from Ubuntu.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • Easy adaptation for users that migrate to Linux.

Find out for yourself how Elementary OS shatters the topic that a freeware distribution can't have a design worthy of OS X or Windows.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a 64-bit operating system.
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