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Elf Yourself invites you to create animated Christmas cards online. Access the Elf Yourself website from your browser and send a special Christmas message

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Elf Yourself returns each year during the Christmas period to convert you into a friendly elf. Send your seasons greetings with the funniest animated cards.

The funniest way to send your best wishes to your loved ones.

Elves that wish you a Merry Christmas

Traditional Christmas cards, emails, SMS or WhatsApp... Each user chooses his/her favorite method to send his/her Christmas wishes. Be original! With Elf Yourself you can put your own or a friend's face on the funny little elves or gnomes that inhabit this website's e-cards. Bring them to life by making them dance, sing and jump around to deliver your Christmas message with humour.

Imagine an elf dancing to Hip Hop?

If you prefer, you can also send a live Christmas greeting via the web. Dress up as an elf and put your video on the Internet.

Your friends and family deserve the best of smiles. Wish them a merry Christmas with Elf Yourself.

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