eMule Acceleration Patch

eMule Acceleration Patch is a tool that allows to increase the download speed of eMule. Download eMule Acceleration Patch and optimize all your downloads

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eMule is probably the most used P2P program in the world and that, despite the direct download systems that have appeared, is still the preferred system for a big community of users all over the world.

If we want to make the most of our Internet connection to make eMule work quicker, we'll have to use an application like eMule Acceleration Patch, that will take care of providing the application with extra speed.

Speed up your downloads on eMule

This free tool finds new sources for our files, eliminates damaged files, or reactivate the downloads that we have stalled, gaining more speed in each one of them, all of this from a very simple interface, that only has three buttons (more than enough to control the program).

Once we have launched eMule and eMule Acceleration Patch, we'll be able to minimize it and we won't have to reopen it until the next time that we want to use the popular P2P download program.

Make sure that you receive files much quicker and discover a new download speed when downloading with the "mule".

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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