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eMule pHoeniX is a new version of the popular P2P download program eMule. Enjoy a version of eMule that's much more appealing by downloading eMule pHoeniX

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The fact that it has been the most used P2P application of the last few years, has had as a consequence that eMule has been used as a base application for many customized versions. Among these applications, we'll be able to find eMule pHoeniX.

Main features of this eMule MOD

This adaptation of the original program uses a very well cared interface, to show all the information to the user, at the same time that it presents all the services that were accessible in the normal version of eMule, like:

  • Download files from the eD2k (eDonkey 2000) and Kad (Kademlia) networks.
  • Conversations with other users by means of the internal instant messaging program.
  • Access to chat channels by means of the IRC protocol.
  • File sharing system that can differentiate between friends and unknown users.
  • File search engine that can tell the difference between videos, audio, compressed files and general documents.

Therefore, if you want an alternative to eMule that offers you all the services with an interface that is much nicer and more usable, download and install eMule pHoeniX.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
eMule PhoeniX
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