eMule++ is an improved version of the popular eMule file download application. Download eMule++ and share files over this P2P system in just a few seconds

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eMule++ is a version of the popular eMule that tries to improve its features. It is a program to exchange files via the P2P system. If you want to avoid slow downloads, virus and damaged files, try eMule++, is a good alternative to the classic eMule.

Improved version of the classic eMule

The innovations included in eMule++ in comparison with other similar developments have to do with the acceleration of the download speed of the files, by optimizing the Internet connections. eMule++ tries to achieve greater efficiency while avoiding the security threats that can be found over the Internet.

eMule++ uses the same graphical environment as eMule but with slight improvements, like more appealing icons, a more user-friendly interface, better fonts that have more detail. Its use is identical to that of the original program, so you should have no problems when it comes to making it work.

If you are tired of waiting for your files to download, try out eMule++, and you will manage to have quicker downloads that are free of viruses.

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