eMule ScarAngel


eMule ScarAngel is a mod that allows you to make the most of the eMule network and optimize your downloads to the maximum. Download eMule ScarAngel for free

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eMule ScarAngel is one of the hundreds of modified versions of eMule that were launched on the market. Nevertheless, this one really marked a change. If eMule Xtreme is one of the best modifications performed to the original program, eMule ScarAngel is based on that development. So it includes many more improvements.

A complete eMule MOD

The P2P network that was initially launched with eDonkey has evolved over the years until it became one of the most successful. Almost any file you can think of can be found over the eD2k and with eMule ScarAngel you'll be able to optimize their download. As soon as you download the server.met file and you launch it, this peer-to-peer download client will make your connection work at full throttle.

This modification is aimed at managing a low system resource usage, has improved connection management and an enhanced interface focused on being more visual because it offers the information by colors.

All in all, if you want to make the most of one of the most used P2P networks, download eMule ScarAngel for free, because it's one of the first steps towards that objective.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
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