eMuleTV offfers the possibility to view television on a PC. More than 2000 channels from different countries to enjoy like never before. Download eMuleTV

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Each day it is more common to find television channels that broadcast over Internet totally free, but there is still not a definitive platform that combines all the channels available over Internet from a single interface. That is the creator of eMuleTV, a program that offers its users more than 2000 television channels from 120 countries and that offers us the option to include more broadcasts that aren't available per default with the program.

  eMuleTV uses the MMS technology to receive television broadcasts by means of streaming, meaning that even users with the slowest connections will be able to enjoy television on their PC. The program allows us to view the channels by country, category and we will also be able to organize a list with our favorite channels, so that we can access them directly, once we have selected the channels that we are most interested in.

  What's more, together with eMuleTV, we will be able to install a toolbar for Internet Explorer from which we will be able to listen to the radio, access a list of flash games or search for new television channels to be able to add them to the program.

  Don't wait any long and enjoy television from all over the world from your PC's desktop with eMuleTV.
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