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Encoding Decoding is a simple tool that protect files by means of a password. Download Encoding Decoding free and encode any type of file you may have

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There are documents and files that should be encrypted with a password to avoid that an unauthorized person opens or launches it. Encoding Decoding is a light and very easy-to-use program that allows to encrypt any file and protect it with a password. Thanks to this, only a person that has access to the password will be able to open the file.

Main features

  • Allows the possibility to encrypt any type of file.
  • It integrates with Windows Explorer to make it easier to encrypt.
  • Secure encryption making it impossible to decipher the password by brute force.

Encoding Decoding offers a simple yet secure way to store confidential data so that nobody can open it. This tool can be very useful to send files via electronic mail, because thus you will be able to make sure that only the person that it is destined to can open the file.

It is important that you don't forget the password that you have use to protect the file, because if this happens it will be impossible to recover the file.

Download Encoding Decoding free and securely encode your confidential files.

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Scott McLure
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