EncryptOnClick is a simple tool that will allow you to protect your files with a password. Download EncryptOnClick for free and easily encrypt your files

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Nowadays, when sending files of a network is something very common and of vital importance, it is essential to maintain your files secure and protected. EncryptOnClick offers us a simple way to encrypt and decrypt those files that we want to protect by means of a password. The encryption consists in encoding a file in such a way that only the people that have the password with which the file was encrypted will be able to open it. It manages this by means of the AES algorithm and it encodes the information by means of a 256-bit password.

  If you want to maintain your files secure, this free program will make the task easier. You only have to choose the file that you want to encrypt, write and confirm the password, and EncryptOnClick will create an encrypted file, that will only be possible to decrypt by means of the aforementioned password, even though you will be able to use other programs to decrypt it, like WinZip, as long as you have the password.

  It is very important for us to remember the password that we have chosen, because if we don't, we will have lost the possibility to recover the file, an aspect that shows the power of this simple software.
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