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Download English course ABAEnglish to learn from scratch or improve your level. With English course ABAEnglish you'll see how easy it is to learn English

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Knowing different languages is very important, even if we aren't going to travel abroad, because nowadays it's an almost essential requirement for any job, being English the most highly demanded language, way above the rest. That's why it's so important to download English course ABAEnglish.

Learning English is essential for today's world.

With English course ABAEnglish you can adjust the level to your knowledge, whether you're learning from scratch or if you already have the basics that you just need to reinforce and improve. For such purpose, it offers you a system made up by five levels, plus an additional level for business, with which you can cover both grammar and pronunciation aspects.


  • One hundred and forty-four units.
  • Five difficulty levels plus a Business English level.
  • Eight different sections per unit.
  • Voice recognition functions.
  • Follow up on exercises.
  • Access to video lessons.

Didactic units that cover all your needs

Each unit included in English course ABAEnglish is made up of eight different sections aimed at covering the student's basic needs. Dictations, role-playing situations to improve our grammar and vocabulary, and oral or written exercises are some of the areas that the student will work on in each section.

Expand your knowledge about Shakespeare's mother tongue by downloading English course ABAEnglish and improve your possibilities when it comes to applying for a job or travelling the world.

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  • The installation requires an active Internet connection.
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