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Download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit free and control the processes of your software. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit by Microsoft

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Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, known commonly as EMET, is a program developed by Microsoft the objective of which is to be able to control all the processes launched by third party software, specially management programs developed exclusively for some companies, public organizations and hospitals, to name a few examples. Many of these applications are difficult to integrate with the system and, due to this, it is necessary to have perfect control of the security restrictions and their behavior.

  This tool is available for the most modern Windows systems, due to the fact that they are the ones that allow the DEP (Data Execution Prevention), SEHOP (Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection) and ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization).

  The interface can be somewhat confusing for those users that don't have a certain degree of computing knowledge in what regards to programming and security, so we recommend that you don't use if if you don't know what you are doing properly.

  If you want to integrate an application with the system perfectly, download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.
Requirements and additional information:
It doesn't work on operating systems prior to Windows XP Service Pack 3.
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