Enigeo is a practical program that will allow you to improve your geography knowledge. Download Enigeo free and learn political geography very easily

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Enigeo can come in very handy for all those people that want to or have to learn the capital of any country, its flag and where it is on the globe. It is an application that offers us two ways to learn political geography: by means of the quiz mode or the explorer mode.

Check your geography knowledge with this app

In the quiz mode, Enigeo will show us questions that we will have to answer correctly. These questions come together with maps and other information about countries, capitals, and flags, and will help us to learn all this information. Thus, we will receive points and we will be able to check what knowledge level we have and in what we have to improve. These quizzes are totally customizable so that we can adjust their contents towards the information that we are most interested in, like a specific continent.

Enigeo also offers an explorer mode, with which we will be able to explore all the countries of the wold however we like, viewing different maps, with the country of our choice highlighted in color and with lots of information about it.

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