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It won't be easy to find an app to edit images on your iPhone or iPad better than Enlight Quickshot in terms of functions, friendliness, and elegance

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Digital photography enthusiasts have a wide range of applications to take photos that excel the native Android and iOS apps. Some of them can be downloaded for free with functions that can be expanded by means of in-app purchases, and others such as Enlight Quickshot are directly commercial tools. And in this case, the price to pay is totally justified since it's undoubtedly one of the best photography apps for iPhone available in the App Store.

Loads of functions and an excellent design

These are definitely the two most noteworthy features of this app developed by Lightricks: a tool to take and edit photos presented in a plain and elegant design, without any gaudy or confusing interfaces. In fact, when it was released back in 2015, it was chosen as the app of the year in the App Store of countries of the likes of UK, Germany, France, Canada or China.

Photo editing taken to the next level.

These are the main features and functions that it offers its users:

  • Image enhancement by means of an accurate and selective control of tones, colors, and details. In turn, it allows us to configure save our own adjustments and merge different effects on the same photo.
  • Incorporates analog and duotone filters that recreate the style of classic photo cameras and also revitalize colors with two-tone gradients. It also adds sparkles and vignettes to the user's own liking in order to create a retro atmosphere.
  • Black and white photos that can be configured by means of presets or to the photographer's own liking.
  • Artistic effects to create pictorial simulations and transform photos into realistic sketches.
  • Photo mixer to obtain double exposure effects with different merge modes.
  • Smart image enhancement by means of noise reduction and with a cloning and correction tool that doesn't leave any traces of the flaws removed.
  • Advanced tools to improve the individual objects of a photo, change the focus or control the tones by means of a multichannel curve.
  • Cropping options to flip, rotate and straighten crooked images and modify the perspective.
  • Specific functions for social networks that allow the creation of memes and collages, as well as the possibility to easily share the results with your contacts.
  • Automatically save work sessions that can be resumed whenever you want.
  • Different export qualities: JPEG, PNG or TIFF.
  • Compare photos before and after editing.

As we said, it's a complete application to take photos that has been a real hit on Android and iOS. Nevertheless, you're not going to be able to make use of a version for Windows PC or Mac since it has been exclusively developed for smartphones and tablets (maybe downloading the APK and running it on an emulator but do you think it's worth the hassle?).

If you're not too happy about downloading an app that costs almost 4 dollars without trying it out first, you should know that there's a free alternative to Enlight. It's called Photofox, it has been developed by the same studio, and you can use it without paying to find out what it's all about.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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