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ePSXe is a PlayStation game emulator for Linux. Enjoy the greatest classics of Sony's PSX after you download ePSXe on your computer free of charge

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The first version of the Sony PlayStation console has an enormous catalog of games. Many are remembered with nostalgia by the millions of users that played on this console quite a few years ago. Now these games can be enjoyed once again thanks to ePSXe, the PlayStation emulator for Linux distributions.

The best PlayStation One games

The Resident Evil or Final Fantasy sagas, Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid or Tekken are only some examples. There are thousands of games available. Make the most of the configuration possibilities and adapt the controls to your PC's keyboard.

Installation of ePSXe

The only drawback is that the installation requires you to download the audio and video plug-ins necessary beforehand. Pay special attention to the configuration of each one of them if you want the games to be launched correctly. You'll also require the console's BIOS.

Download ePSXe for free, you'll be able to play these games with even higher quality than on the original game console, with sharp and well-defined graphics.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You require an original BIOS of the video console.
  • The games aren't included with the application.
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