With EQTabla you'll be able to learn the periodic table and check the properties of any element in a very easy and practical way. Download EQTable for free

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One of the most complicated things when studying low-level chemistry is to learn the periodic table of elements. This graphic shows the properties of each element that can be found and with EQTabla we'll be able to review it and check it with advanced options.

The easiest way to learn the periodic table

If we want to check the general, physical or electrical properties of any of the elements, EQTabla will tell us almost instantly thanks to the filter that we'll be able to select. Thus, it won't be at all difficult to learn or check certain elements.

Logically, the visualization of the periodic table is the main part of the interface, with a clear color differentiation depending on each element's basic properties.

Furthermore, EQTabla allows us to print the full table to be able to check it without our PC. On the other hand, the software includes links to chemistry-related Internet sites.

EQTabla's interface is very easy to use and is totally focused on the clear visualization of the periodic table of elements, allowing us to find and use all the options available with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

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