Error Creator

Everyone is scared of Windows errors. Download Error Creator for free and take of advantage of the panic caused by playing a joke on one of your friends

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There are some applications that have been developed exclusively to play jokes or pull our friends and family's leg. Among these programs we'll find those that reverse how the mouse works, that change the color of Windows' interface, generate error messages with the text of our choice, or even prepare false system failure notifications, as is the case of Error Creator, that also allows us to program them, so that we can surprise anyone who's using our computer.

  The program will allow us to edit the message that appears, the buttons available, the icon and the title of the windows. How the application works is very simple, because it is only necessary to fill in the required fields in the main window of the tool and wait for it to surprise whoever is using the computer at the moment in question.

  If you're looking for an easy-to-use application, that will allow you to play a joke on anyone, try out Error Creator as soon as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that we have the msstdfmt.dll library installed on our computer to work.
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