7.3.1 ESBCalc is an advanced calculator prepared to carry out all kinds of calculations. Download ESBCalc free and easily complete the calculations with precision
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A good interface and the capacity to calculate a good number of operations is all the scientific calculator needs to convince its possible users, and ESBCalc has just that, so it's worth the while to give it an opportunity. Even though it doesn't include many of the advanced functions that the majority of scientific calculators, the truth is that ESBCalc includes the majority of options that are used the majority of times that an advanced calculator is required.

Scientific calculator for your PC

This calculator has a very simple interface in which it shows all the classic buttons included in any calculator software, as well as the advanced functions. But ESBCalc also shows the possibility to copy the result to the clipboard to easily paste it somewhere else.

And of course, it is capable of solving trigonometry, hyperbolic and logarithmic (with base 10, 2 and natural) operations.

What's more, ESBCalc allows to view the calculation history and to configure the number of decimals that we want to use in our operations to adjust the result as much as possible.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
ESB Consultancy
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