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EULAlyzer will take care of reading the end-user license agreement each time that you install a program. Download EULAlyzer free and check possible scams

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The Software license agreements, also known as end-user license agreements (EULAs), are really complicated elements. The majority of programs include one, and the problem is that in many cases this contract, that the user tends to ignore due to the "next-next" installers, can involve a great risk. EULAlyzer does what nobody really manages to do, it finishes reading the EULA or Software license agreement.

   On many occasions, programs include in the EULA many contents that aren't stated anywhere else. And when we click on next, the user accept the EULA with all its consequences. These consequences can vary from programs that don't do what they promised to installing additional software, showing publicity or even gathering data that is then used by the software company however they like.

   These kinds of practices are deceptions that the user simply accepts by clicking on “next” without thinking. But with EULAlyzer this will no longer happen, now once we find the Software license agreement, the best option will be to open the software and make sure that it doesn't includes any abusive clauses, that the program will automatically indicate in red.
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Antony Peel
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