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Everest Dictionary is a complete desktop dictionary and translator. Download Everest Dictionary for free and find out the meaning of any word you find

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Thanks to dictionaries, it's possible to know the meaning of the words that we use to communicate, that's why each time that we have to write a text or to translate a document it's more than advisable to have one at hand.

Practical and functional dictionary for Windows

Everest Dictionary is a free dictionary that, as well as helping us to find the meaning of the word that we're searching for, will also allow us to translate it between different languages (as long as we have the right glossaries installed).

The program is very easy to use, it offers us the opportunity to upgrade its database with new dictionaries (that may be technical, translations, medical,...) and it's capable of searching between different editions at the same time.

Everest Dictionary's interface is very clear and simple because it's only necessary to choose one of the dictionaries that are available, to write the term and wait for the program to return the result.

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Antony Peel
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