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Evo Pop is a fun game in which we will have to help the evos to survive conquering all the territory and devouring the rest of the species of evos

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Evo Pop is a curious game starring some small creatures, the evos, who live in a colony and can grow and multiply very quickly. However their survival depends on not being devoured by another invasive species of evos and get to dominate the territory.

Make them multiply and grow to survive

What we have here is a 2D and real time strategy game where the protagonists are not soldiers and where we will have to overcome levels by eating our rivals. The mechanics is very simple: touch with your finger to multiply them or to increase their size when the indicator below marks that you can do it. You will not be able to distribute them on the map, but they will do their job themselves.

The objective is to finish with the rest of the invaders. How? Very simple: one evo can eat another when it is bigger. So try to make your evo grow to become the biggest and thus have no rival. Be careful with the bombs: you can use them to exploit your opponents, but they can do the same with you...

These are the characteristics it offers us:

  • System based on the laws of physics that have to do with mass and the space it occupies.
  • Improve and evolve each species of evo.
  • Plan a strategy with which to finish with your rivals and conquer the territory.
  • Discover dozens of worlds.
  • Face more and more complicated levels.
Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
6 months ago
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