Download Ex-blocker for free and you will even be able to block access to your ex's profile on social networks. Ex-blocker also blocks access to his/her web

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Nobody fancies bumping into their ex, whether in the street or on the Internet. Why go through all that hassle once again? Ex-blocker is an add-on for Firefox capable of blocking on your browser your ex's webpage and his/her profiles on social networks.

Currently blocking approximately 17,000 former partners on the Internet.

For the tool to work correctly you have to write the URL addresses of the web and of the social profiles of your ex. If you try to access them, you'll be shown a notice warning you about the situation and giving you the chance to unblock the access. It may be the right moment for a second opportunity...

Features of Ex-blocker

  • Hide your former partners on the Internet.
  • Block pages and profiles of up to 5 different people (you never know!).
  • Compatible with personal blogs, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

The main drawback of Ex-blocker is that once you configure the people to be avoided, you can't make changes. You'll need to reinstall the add-on with the new data.

Forget about your ex, also on social networks, by downloading Ex-blocker for free, a Firefox add-on that will keep his/her memories under lock and key.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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