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Download Exact Audio Copy for free to convert audio files. With Exact Audio Copy it is easy to extract tracks from a CD and convert them to another format

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Exact Audio Copy, also known as EAC, is an audio extractor that allows you to obtain the tracks from a music CD, and at the same time compress them to a more adequate format to use them in conventional portable audio players or store them on your hard drive.

  This application offers an interesting amount of configuration options focused on the extraction of tracks. Thus, we can select to include silence at the beginning and end of each track, the quality of the error correction, synchronization between tracks,... It is also possible to standardize the volume of the different audio tracks, indicate an outline for the name of the files, create the playlist in M3U format automatically when the extraction finishes...

  Another interesting feature is the possibility to decide if we want to compress the audio files resulting from the extraction with the application or if we want to use an external application. In both cases we will have to specify both the codec and the sampling rate to be applied.

  Furthermore, Exact Audio Copy includes tools to process, compare and divide WAV files, to edit ID3 tags, to burn CD-R, etc.

  If you need to rip your CDs and obtain backups of them in a few minutes, download Exact Audio Copy.
Exact Audio Copy
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