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ExamTime proposes that you use a structured learning method for your studies. ExamTime focuses its method on worksheets, mind maps and planning objectives

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Many of us have had to face piles of unbearable class notes when it has come to preparing an exam, studying them in a disorganized manner, and therefore not obtaining the results expected. ExamTime wants to lend a hand to all those people that aren't good at organizing themselves in these situations.

Visual resources to improve your learning

ExamTime's method is based on three types of resources: mind maps, flashcards and setting objectives. The intention of this app is to make us capable of organizing concepts logically, limiting correctly the information we need to assimilate and having a plan that allows us to progress in a structured manner without exhausting our possibilities. For such purpose ExamTime provides us with certain resources created by other users in several fields, that will allow us to prepare our exams much more solidly.

Everything we need to structure how we prepare an exam.


  • Dynamic mind maps on video.
  • Tests to assess your progress.
  • Cards to memorize information.
  • Advanced method to take notes that includes videos, sounds, images and links.
  • Tool to arrange your time.
  • User group system.
  • Create your own contents and share them with the rest of users.
  • Support for teachers.

Prepare and organize your study time more efficiently with the resources that ExamTime offers online.

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