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Exos Heroes is a role-playing game where you will live an epic adventure in search of the emperor's lost sword to free you from the ancient dragon's curse

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Exos Heroes is a role-playing game in a Japanese setting, where we will be able to live out an adventure of epic proportions. Our task will be to find the lost sword Exestruk to help free the kingdom from the curse of an ancient dragon. To do this we will explore every inch of the land, meet a multitude of characters, and unleash thrilling battles against dozens of enemies.

Roam the kingdom of Exos and interact with hundreds of characters

In this RPG we will move our hero around a large territory where we will meet different characters. We will interact with many and even unleash battles that we will witness in lavish detail. To triumph in battle, it will be essential to evolve our character by taking on new powers and making him even stronger.

We will confront the forces of evil that threaten the kingdom of Exos and to do so we will be able to perform actions like the following:

  • Travel in an old airship flying through the skies.
  • Move around the map of the kingdom with total freedom.
  • Search for lost treasure.
  • Fight in strategic battles.
  • Discover the game's more than 200 heroes.
  • Upgrade and customize our character.
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Sean Mitchell
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