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Exploding Kittens is the multiplayer cards game that's the real rage on the Internet and that has now landed on iOS after a successful Kickstarter campaign

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Still haven't heard of Exploding Kittens? It's quite a crazy multiplayer cards game played locally with up to 5 participants with you can cheer up get-togethers and parties. It's the mobile game that has managed to collect the highest amount of funds in Kickstarter's history and is now available for iPhone and iPad.

A cards game for people into cats and explosions.

As you can gather from its name, the game is starred by some rather explosive cats that you'll have to avoid or defuse, as well as other elements such as laser pointers or cat food. We also have to mention that it's illustrated by Matthew Inman, in charge of the popular online publication The Oatmeal.

How to play Exploding Kittens

The truth is that the game isn't at all complicated. It's a kind of Russian Roulette in which each player has to choose a card until he gets the explosive kitten, moment at which he dies. Luckily enough, you can make use of secret weapons such as laser pointers, cuddles, strokes and cat food to defuse the explosive and continue playing.

As well as these defuse cards, the player has other cards available to attack rivals, take a look at the deck or relocate cards, which will give him a slight advantage when it comes to trying to win the game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • This is a paid application.
Exploding Kittens
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