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If you want to get hold of a backup of your favorite Spotify playlists, you're in luck as you can now make use of Exportify to export them to a CSV file

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Keeping your Spotify playlists safe is now easier than ever thanks to Exportify, a webapp that allows you to download all your lists in hardly any time at all to easy-to-handle CSV files saved on your computer.

Export your playlists in CSV format.

How to use the application

This online tool works without requiring you to install or configure anything. Just complete the following actions:

  1. Access the web.
  2. Login with your Spotify account and accept the permissions.
  3. Choose the playlists you want to export.
  4. Save your playlists in CSV format.

If you prefer, you can download all the files one by one to a practical zipped file, but whatever you do, don't lose your precious playlists on the online music streaming platform par excellence.

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