Exstora is an organizer that allows to plan activities and write notes. Download Exstora free to remember your important events and write down your ideas

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Exstora is a task organizer with which it will be very easy to take notes or plan the activities that you have to do the following days.

  In many cases it is more or less essential to have a quick way to take notes, like, for example, to write down what we are thinking or the ideas that come to mind, to write down a telephone number or a message, etc. Exstora offers a brilliant solution for these cases.

  It will also come in very handy to plan and remember the events in which we have to take part, because it integrates calendar and organizer functions.

  But may the most important aspect of this software is the possibility to take all this information with you, because you can launch the application from a USB pendrive.

  Some of the other utilities that it includes are an RSS/Atom feeds reader, with which to stay up to date with the latest information and the possibility to save the most relevant news in the programs database.

  Do you need extra help to organize your ideas? Download Exstora now.
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