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The Walking Dead is just back after the Chrismas break and everyone has seen it except for you. You're asking for a spoiler, my friend... Why take such a risk when you can easily download the latest episode through a web page with BitTorrent links?

ExtraTorrent is one of the best proxy server options you can turn to. This page offers us an easy-to-use access with a search engine for all sorts of .torrent files based on a P2P (peer-to-peer) file distribution system. But what can you find on ExtraTorrent? Movies, series, TV, music, book, photos, games, anime... Want to see the latest trend in Asia? Interested in UFC and other fighting sports? It's all a few clicks aways.

How to use ExtraTorrent

Its system is very simple: just search for what you want to download and the page will give you a list of file ordered by upload date, but that you can also sort by comments, size, seeders, leechers and the health status of the file to be downloaded. In general, the more seeders, the faster the file will be transferred, and the more leechers, the more reliable it will be, although you always have to be careful. You can choose to download the .torrent file from the index or make use of the magnet link, that doesn't require a download and that opens straight in your BitTorrent client.

However, beware of the adverts, especially those damn pop-ups and the worst nightmare of any web surfer: adverts with music. Although The Pirate Bay's catalog is larger, the advantage of ExtraTorrent is that you can find files in almost any languages so you won't have to wear your eyesight out on reading subtitles.

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