Extreme URL Generator Extreme URL Generator is a tool that generates and saves URL lists. Download Extreme URL Generator and simplify you work when it comes to creating websites
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Sometimes the creation of webpages requires having lists of similar URL addresses, for a list of images of products, for instance. For this tiresome task we can make use of Extreme URL Generator, a program that generates URL lists in a quick and simple manner.

How Extreme URL Generator works

To be able to generate URL lists, we have to indicate the URL template, based on which the list will be created. This template must contain at least a number between brackets. Then we will have to choose whether we want the list to be generated from numbers or letters, and the amount of URLs to be generated. With these simple steps, Extreme URL Generator will create the list in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, with Extreme URL Generator we can save the lists in a text file, choosing whether we want to add prefixes or suffixes to each URL, if we want to save the whole list or only a line, or if we want each URL to occupy its own line in the file.

Don't hesitate and try out Extreme URL Generator.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can only be used for 20 days and you can only save 20 lists.
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