Downloading and installing eyeOS will be like having an operating system on the cloud. Use your applications and files wherever you are by downloading eyeOS

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Programming on the cloud has developed immensely over the last years and the fact is that there are many applications that depend on the Internet to save data and offer services. In this direction and going even further beyond we come across eyeOS, an application that resembles an online operating system.

Web desktop with office vocation

By installing an Apache server and with PHP 5 activated, you can make use of eyeOS to have a complete desktop on the cloud with all sorts of office-oriented applications. From games to office applications compatible with Microsoft Office, including other services that have also been integrated, such as Google's maps.


  • Web desktop functions.
  • Office applications compatible with Microsoft Office, file management tools and personal information apps.
  • Expandable by individuals as it is open source.
  • Accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Simple installation and great advantages

Installing eyeOS isn't at all complicated as you only have to upload the files to the server by means of an FTP program and install it from any browser. The advantages of using this application are the possibilities it offers for maximum customization, full control of the system and absolute awareness of its limitations by occupying your own web space.

Download eyeOS for free and check out all the advantages of having your desktop on the cloud for yourself.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
eyeOS Team
Over a year ago
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