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A few creatures from the beyond are ready to frighten you to hell. If you're also ready, you just need to download the APK of Eyes - The Horror Game

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Eyes - The Horror Game will take you to a haunted mansion that will send a chill down your spine. Once inside, a maze-like circuit will send your heartbeat rocket high whilst you try to escape. But you're not alone. Of course not. A bunch of evil ghosts will chase you all over the house trying to frighten you to death. There's only one way out...

Run for your life!

The game is terrifying, capable of creating a breathtaking atmosphere. The creatures in the mansion will consider you an innocent piece of meat to have a feast on. If you don't want to end up like them, you have to explore all the rooms, searching for objects and solving the puzzles posed during the game before the ghosts find you.

Main features

  • Wide range of monsters.
  • Several difficulty levels.
  • Possibility to create your own terrifying figures by importing images and audio.
  • See through the eyes of a ghost using mystic runes.
  • Draw your own map to find your bearings.
  • Compete against other players from all over the world.

The graphics are great and contribute to making the game really dismal. Furthermore, the control system works perfectly by means of on-screen tactile buttons so that you can move around swiftly and smoothly in your attempt to escape without tripping up on your way.

Want to feel really scared? Eyes - The Horror Game will definitely give you the creeps.

Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Paulina Pabis & Michał Pabis
3 months ago
77.3 MB

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