Improve your English pronunciation with EyeSpeak, that includes a large varied set of exercises to learn English vocabulary and enhance your pronunciation

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Problems learning how to pronounce in English? The vast majority of people who study a foreign language encounter this problem when they try to improve how they communicate in another language. And the thing is that getting used to the phonetics of the different languages is one of the most difficult aspects.

If you want to improve your pronunciation, try out EyeSpeak

To be able to practice English pronunciation we can always resort to EyeSpeak, a complete application from which to complete different kinds of exercises that will serve us to learn vocabulary and to practice our pronunciation in English without having to go to a language school.

When we start the application we'll have to create a profile that will allow us to carry out a follow up of our progress. To start practicing, you have to choose one of the exercises from the list, listen carefully to the words that the virtual teacher pronounces and repeat them the best you can while recording your voice. Thus, the application will be able to evaluate your progress thanks to a voice recognition engine.

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