Fable 2


Download Fable 2 and take control of your character's life. Forge your character's destiny in Fable 2 and enjoy an exceptional action role-playing game

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Fable is an action role-playing game which is considered a work of art. Created by Lionhead Studios under the lead of its founder, Peter Molyneux, this is the second instalment of the saga, Fable 2.

In the first instalment you had to control the destiny of a child that had had everything taken away from him. This striking story allowed you to control everything that happened and to make decisions which would have an important impact on the character's future. Thus, you could build up an identity and the character's personality, transforming him into a hero or villain.


  • Innovating real-time game system.
  • Choose the main character's sex.
  • New scenarios to explore in the world of Albion.

Travel in time

Fable 2 is the sequel to the first instalment and will place you 500 years into the future. As in the first instalment, your decisions will have a direct impact on the story, so be careful with your acts. This second edition also takes place in the world of Albion, although the circumstances have changed. Magic has disappeared and heroes are no longer worshipped like before.

If you liked the first instalment, don't miss out on Fable 2, a unique game in which you have to forge your destiny.

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