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Thanks to Face Pause, you no longer need to pause your games or the video you are watching: this app does it automatically if it doesn't detect your face

Pause your apps through facial recognition

February 28, 2022
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You don't want to miss a minute of your favorite series? Are you looking for a way to avoid prying eyes on your smartphone that try to check what you're watching as soon as you step away for a second?

Face Pause is a very interesting tool for Android capable of automatically pausing any game in progress, playing video, or music app you're using. If you get distracted for any reason or walk away from your device, and someone else tries to watch it, it will be paused.

How? It turns out that it can detect the user's face through the device's front camera, i.e. it is a facial recognition app. So, the moment the user moves away from the phone or tablet, the app stops any ongoing process.

This app hides your screen when you are not looking.

Key features

In addition to pausing games, more or less private videos, apps, movies or series, or the music you are listening to, this app includes the following options:

  • Quick application launcher with the most used apps to save valuable seconds of your time.
  • You can customize the lock screen with different colors and transparency levels.
  • The settings allow you to specify the frequency of face verification.
  • It includes a power saving mode.
  • You can modify authentication and use the rear camera instead of the front camera.
  • The app allows adding a menu on the pause screen to quickly return to any application.

Grant the necessary permissions for the app to access your camera, test the compatibility of your smartphone with this facial recognition system and, if it works correctly, you will be able to enjoy your screen without ever missing anything.

Requirements and additional information:

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