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You won’t have to pause your games or the video you are watching anymore, thanks to Face Pause. This app will do it automatically when it can’t detect you

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Face Pause is a really interesting tool for Android (although privacy levels would need to be looked at). As an example, this app for Android is able to automatically pause any game, video or music app that is being played.

How? Well, it turns out that it is capable of detecting the user’s face using the device’s front-view camera. So, as soon as the user moves away from the phone or the tablet, the app stops any process in progress.

Main features

As well as pausing games, videos, apps, movies, series, or the music you are listening to, the app also includes the following features:

  • A fast app launcher with the most-used apps.
  • The standby screen can be customized with different colors and transparency levels.
  • The frequency of face verification can be configured.
  • Includes a power-saving mode.
  • Authentication can be modified and the rear-view camera can be used instead of the front-view camera.
  • The app allows a display menu to be added to the paused screen in order to go back quickly to any application.

So, who would have thought it? You can actually pause whatever is playing on your screen by just looking away. Trying to avoid having to actually tap the pause button may seem a bit lazy, but how often do we go off to do something for just a moment and then wish we had paused whatever was playing because it is hardly ever just a moment? Someone knocks on the door, you look up, video stops. You partner says something to you, you look up, video stops. Face Pause might even improve domestic harmony.

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