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Use the Facebook chat from Pidgin with Facebook Chat for Pidgin. Speak with your friends without a browser by downloading Facebook Chat for Pidgin for free

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The most used social network worldwide is, without a doubt, Facebook. Its functionalities and the fact that almost everyone uses it make it one of the communication channels with the largest growth rate, and since it integrates chat, the conversations are something very common. That is why, one of the most popular instant messengers allows you to connect to it thanks to this plug-in, called Facebook Chat for Pidgin.

  Although nowadays the Facebook tab is a permanent element in the browser of many users, the truth is that it is a lot more comfortable to have the chat managed with a separate software application because thus we can have the conversation window separate from that of the browser. With this idea in mind, the Facebook Chat for Pidgin plugin allows the renowned instant messaging client to add Facebook to the networks that it is compatible with, such as Live, Gtalk, AIM, MySpace, Yahoo,...

  Thanks to Facebook Chat for Pidgin we'll be able to centralize in the same software all the possible communications that we might carry out via chat, so that by simply selecting the accounts which we want to connect to, we'll have access to all our contacts no matter what system they use. Moreover, all of this from Pidgin's interface.
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