Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks: the best advice and secrets

Since its inception, Facebook, the well-known social network, included a chat room where users could easily communicate with each other. As a result, the more the social network was used, the more its chat was used. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg's company made a clear decision: to launch Facebook Messenger as an independent service.

This application, which is multiplatform and can be installed in Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, besides using it through the web, incorporated substantial improvements to the Facebook chat system. Such is its relevance today, that Facebook Messenger can work completely independently from the main application and does not depend on it at all.

Due to its large number of features, it is necessary to spend some time on each of its characteristics to take advantage of it. That is why we have compiled on this page all the guides, tricks, and articles regarding Facebook Messenger that will help you get the most out of the service. You can learn how to mute notifications, send money, delete messages, or make free calls. Also, you will find some interesting articles that will help you understand what Facebook Messenger really is and what it is for.

We cannot ignore the fact that Facebook dominates the whole instant messaging scene with an iron fist. In addition to Messenger, the social network owns WhatsApp. Together, they let millions of users who use Facebook services every day keep in touch with their acquaintances. Download Facebook Messenger now and find out all its secrets with Malavida!

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a feature that lets you share your device's screen in real-time when you make a video call. It works with both individual and group calls. To use it, go to Facebook Messenger and look for the contact or group you want to talk to in your conversation list.


How to delete messages sent through Facebook Messenger

One of the features that messaging applications have had in recent times is the deletion of sent messages. Facebook Messenger lets delete messages in two different ways: for ourselves and for all other users. What are the differences?


How to appear offline in Facebook Messenger

When we use Facebook Messenger, the rest of the users, by default, can see if we are online or not. There is the possibility of hiding our status so no one knows if we are online. This setting is important if your goal is to increase your privacy within the social network.


How to send money with Facebook Messenger

The Internet has revolutionized the way we handle our money. Nowadays, we can do practically any transaction through our bank's application or website. Also, it is very easy to send small amounts of money to others. Big technology companies want to take a leading role in this matter and have started to incorporate functions that simplify the sending and receiving of money into their services.


How to delete Facebook Messenger conversations

The Facebook Messenger chat list shows us our latest conversations. This record is very handy for resuming contact and continuing a chat right where we left off. However, if you want to keep organized the Messenger main screen, you may need to delete some conversations you no longer need. Here is how to do it.


How to disable Facebook Messenger notifications

If we use Facebook Messenger regularly, we may get lots of notifications. This situation, throughout the day, can end up being a drawback. Messenger notifications can be easily disabled. Here are two ways to do it.


How to make free calls with Facebook Messenger

Calls and video calls over the Internet are now part of our daily lives. Nowadays, most messaging applications offer this type of service. And it is reasonable because there is a close connection between sending messages and calling.


How to send videos with Facebook Messenger

Video is becoming one of the main formats we use to receive information. Besides, the substantial improvement of photography sensors in mobile phones makes it possible to make high-quality videos, even in domestic environments. These are the main reasons why every day several thousand videos are shared through social networks and instant messaging apps.


How much does Facebook Messenger charge?

The Facebook messaging application is completely free. This means that we do not have to pay to install it. We also do not have to pay anything if we want to use its service. Sending and receiving messages, and making calls and video calls can, therefore, be used freely at no extra cost. The only requirement is to have a Facebook account that, of course, is also free.


How to use Stickers in Facebook Messenger

Stickers are in. This advanced version of emojis lets us express happiness, joy, sadness, anger, and tons of other moods. Facebook Messenger integrates a huge library of stickers that we can use in both individual and group conversations.


How to close Facebook Messenger

Facebook does not make things easy when it comes to signing out from Messenger. This is mainly because there is no official way to do it. Here are two alternative ways to sign out from your Facebook Messenger account.


What is Facebook Messenger and what is it for?

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application. It is part of the Facebook ecosystem and lets you keep in touch with the rest of the users of the social network. Originally, this service was called Facebook Chat and was fully integrated into Facebook. However, since August 2012, it has been operating completely independently.


July 21, 2020. Translated by Manuel Sánchez