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Facebook Toolbar is a Firefox extension that can help you to get to know what's going on Facebook without having to switch tabs in your web browser

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When you're on your computer, you've probably always got Facebook open in a separate tab and each time you receive a notification you've got to switch tabs to see what's going on: it might be just a game or it could be something really important. It's bothersome having to be switching tabs now and again, especially if you receive loads of Facebook notifications.

What is Facebook Toolbar for?

Facebook Toolbar arrives on Firefox to solve this problem: you'll no longer have to switch tabs to receive notifications, reply to messages or read new posts by your friends. Unfortunately, it's a Firefox extension, so you won't be able to use it with other browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Safari. It might be time to change your default browser.

If you're managing your WordPress site and all of a sudden you receive a Facebook notification, you'll no longer have to stop what you're doing to interact with your contacts. Furthermore, since it includes a built-in version of Facebook's chat you can talk to your friends without taking your eyes off the screen for a second. We can't deny that it's a very simple tool. The developers of Facebook Toolbar are offering us this useful application to be able to make the most of our browser's potential and our favorite social network.

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