Downloading Faceplus for Firefox will help you to express yourself more clearly. Edit the typography and include emoticons on Facebook thanks to Faceplus

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There are very useful add-ons that can improve the performance of a certain service. This is the case of Faceplus, a Firefox add-on that is going to help us write with much more style on Facebook.

Edit the typography of your messages

Faceplus allows our messages published on our wall to have an enhanced format thanks to the options it offers to modify the type of font and be able to use bold, italic or underlined fonts, or even highlight our text with a certain colour. Without doubt, this is going to help us express ourselves, pointing out important parts of what we say.

Don't be misunderstood

But if we refer to expressing ourselves better in the virtual world, talking about emoticons is a must. Emoticons help our messages to be understood by the recipient with their real meaning, despite the coldness of on-screen text. They will be available from the moment that we start writing the message with a set of funny drawings that express different types of emotions and that we can insert easily into the text.


  • Typography edition options.
  • Wide range of emoticons.
  • Greater eloquence in your messages.

Don't hesitate and download Faceplus for Firefox to increase the comprehension of your messages on Facebook.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or below.
  • For the users to view the text format and the emoticons they must install the add-on for their browser.
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