Facil HelpDesk

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Facil HelpDesk is a platform that allows the possibility to offer customer support services via Internet, being able to solve all the problems that arise

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Internet has been a springboard for many companies, because it has allowed more direct communication between the company and the client, thanks to the chat systems, the support websites, remote desktop support or simply, electronic mail. Facil HelpDesk allows the possibility to install a customer support service in the company website, offering the possibility to deal with each incident separately.

  This platform has an admin zone from which as well as being able to create and view the forms that the customers will be able to fill in, you will also be able to manage and view how each of the different cases is progressing.

  The interface of this online customer support service is rather simple and gray, but this is something that makes it easier to view the information. The installation and configuration may workout rather complex and it may be necessary for somebody with advanced computing knowledge to complete the full installation.

  Discover a great system to offer support to any of your customers by downloading Facil HelpDesk.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a RAR compatible compressor. It also requires a web server with PHP 5 and MySQL or SQL Server are installed.
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