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In Faily Brakes for Android, you'll experience the feeling of driving without brakes, having to dodge all sorts of obstacles you come across on the road

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If you've ever driven a car (or a bike or any other kind of vehicle), you've probably realized how important brakes are. You never really think about them... until they don't work. And that's what happens in Faily Brakes, a racing game in which we'll drive a car without brakes.

In this game, we'll control the car of Phil Faily, a guy that's driving around the mountains when his brakes stop working. He'll lose control of the vehicle's speed, only being able to control the steering wheel to avoid all sorts of obstacles: rocks, trees, traffic, trains, cliffs... and that's what this car video game for Android is all about: driving recklessly and avoiding obstacles.

The laws of physics also play an important role

As usual in this kind of game, the laws of physics will also affect our movements. Therefore, depending on our speed or the kind of terrain that we're driving along, inertia and gravity can play an important role when it comes to crashing or staying on the road.

To be able to control our vehicle, we'll simply have to move right or left using the on-screen buttons. And no, it's definitely not simple... the concept is easy to understand but once you download this APK to your smartphone, you'll realize how hard it is to master.

You'll need plenty of reflexes for a game that intends to be fun but not easy.

Main features of this game

  • Drive downhill as far as you can, trying to avoid all the obstacles.
  • Collect coins to be able to purchase better cars.
  • Avoid trees, rivers, rocks, traffic, trains...
  • Equip your car with weapons and destroy obstacles.
  • Explore up to 5 different scenarios.
  • Unlock unique vehicles and disguises to customize your character.
  • Endless game mode.

And the game is so difficult that you'll probably want to look for cheats or hacks. For such purpose, you can come across different APK mods that you can download but obviously not from Google's Play Store. You'll have to resort to alternative stores of the likes of Aptoide to get hold of this kind of app.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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