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At Family Hotel we will have to help the co-owners of this accommodation by renovating it, for which we have to get our hands on keys by solving puzzles


Renovate a hotel while playing with puzzles

January 25, 2022
8 / 10

This title developed by the PlayFlock studio is a match-3 or puzzle game in which we will have to join three equal pieces. Well, it's much more than that, because not only do we enjoy the puzzles, we also discover the history of the hotel and its characters and decorate it to our liking.

A game of skill and combination with an elaborate plot, innovative mechanics, endearing characters and exciting side quests!

Decorate the hotel of your dreams with your ability to solve puzzles

One day Emily arrives at her dilapidated hotel and bumps into Max. The two of them are the new owners of this accommodation, and they will have to join forces with you to get it going and turn it into a thriving business.

But first you'll have to make it decent. Little by little we can build, furnish and customize room by room with the prizes and rewards we get in the different puzzle levels.

The power of puzzles

Our main goal at Family Hotel is to enjoy hundreds of levels of puzzles in which we will have to join at least three equal pieces to make them disappear from the board. In each screen we will have to eliminate the number of objects that indicate us within a limit of movements. But to help us in our mission we will have power-ups that we can buy or that we will get when joining more than three equal pieces.

Your goal: transform an old country house into a dream family hotel.

Each puzzle solved will bring us closer and closer to the hotel of our dreams. At the same time, we will discover a very cool story and see how the characters fall in love. Without a doubt, this is one of the most complex puzzle games in the Android catalogue.

In addition, there are lots of mini-games in which we can participate, and also enjoy some excellent graphics with handmade drawings. And the soundtrack is also very nice. It's a real treat to play.

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