Family Keylogger

5.98 Family Keylogger records on a file all the text typed into a computer. You can use it to monitor the activity and spy on any user that uses your PC
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You'll probably download it saying that it's for the kids or for any other stupid reason, but beyond your real motivations, with Family Keylogger you've got a discreet tool to register the activity of any user that goes on your computer.

Totally invisible spy software.

Its success has to do with the fact that it goes unnoticed for the user, so nobody will realize that whatever they type in will be registered on a log. In its Windows version, as well as in its edition for Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you won't need any advanced knowledge to monitor your activity.

How to install and use Family Keylogger?

To be able to use this program on your computer you only need to download the file and run the installation program. Once installed:

  1. Step 1: go to the taskbar and left-click on the program's icon.
  2. Step 2: drop-down the menu and click on Options to see what the program offers.
  3. Step 3: choose the keyboard shortcut to hide it as well starting it in hidden mode or deciding whether you want it to start automatically when your computer boots.
  4. Step 4: each time you access it you can check the log that will show you everything that was typed in, the time and the application used.

However, there are some points that need to be taken into account: some antiviruses detect it as malicious software as it's a program capable registering what you type in (loads of malware that steal data are based on this method), but don't worry, the download doesn't contain any viruses.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a ZIP-compatible compressor.
  • You have type in the password '2016' to open the file.
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