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Far Manager is a free file manager that works in console mode. You can download Far Manager for free to complete all kinds of operations with your files

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If you still use the console for certain things, you'll be pleased to hear that Far Manager is a file manager with a more than decent interface that works from the Windows operating system command prompt. It allows you to copy, move, delete, launch and edit files straight from the console with an interface that is very similar to that of Windows Explorer or any other file manager that uses GUI that we know.

  Furthermore, all the keyboard shortcuts are clearly signaled so that we get used to them and we can speed up our work. Far Manager comes packed in a 7zip file that once decompressed will allow us to launch Far Manager without any problem, because it doesn't require installation.

  Furthermore, Far Manager can be improved by means of plug-ins, and the wide variety of these plug-ins that we'll be able to find, make it a very good file manager, even better than many that use a GUI in the general window interface. These plug-ins include the following, among other options: tag manager for mp3 files, games or even FTP connections.
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