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Farlight 84 is a Battle Royale type multiplayer shooter that takes place in the year 2084, the perfect excuse to have the most futuristic weaponry

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The world of Battle Royale multiplayer shooting games surely you know that it doesn't start and end with Fortnite, Free Fire or PUBG, right? There are a good handful of games that offer similar formats and that are less known, but still have very attractive features for those who like survival mass shooters.

Third person shooters in a futuristic world

In Farlight 84 we find a third-person shooter game that takes us to a world of the future, specifically to the year 2084. Taking advantage of this idea, the developers have allowed themselves the license to create an appropriate scenario, with weapons, vehicles, buildings and other elements of science fiction.

The mechanics are the usual ones in this type of videogames: we find ourselves on an island where we will have to do everything possible to survive against the rest of the players, trying to find the equipment to get ahead. It has good quality graphics and a simple control system, in addition to features such as the following:

  • Futuristic weapons with special abilities that will allow you to adopt different tactics.
  • Great variety of vehicles that you can use to move with greater speed.
  • Move around with the help of the built-in jetpack.
  • Energy system by which you will need to find chargers to help you recover during the game.
  • Ally yourself with other players to defeat the strongest.
  • Choose between 8 different players.
Requirements and additional information:
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Shay O’Toole
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