Faroo is a data search engine that uses the P2P protocol. Download Faroo free on your PC now and you will have access to a very large amount of data

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Faroo is a search engine that you can install on your computer and that will allow you to find all kinds of information over P2P networks and that can become a great alternative to the predominant Google.

  This system works in a different way to all the rest of search engines in the world, because the information isn't centralized, it is the users that little by little index contents and make it available to all the people that have this development installed.

  The interface is rather simple and doesn't require any kind of installation, unless you don't want the application to run together with the operating system or you want to be able to access the program using a keyboard shortcut.

  Obviously, the amount of results after each search will depend on the users that are connected, so you won't always be able to find everything that you are looking for.

  Discover a great search engine based on the P2P protocol, after downloading and installing Faroo on your computer.
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