Downloading Fasterfox will help you to increase the speed of Firefox. Enhance the performance of your browser by downloading Fasterfox free of charge

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One of the aspects that make Firefox one of the most used browsers is its capacity to expand its functions by means of its add-ons. Fasterfox is one of them, and you can use it to improve the speed of Mozilla's browser.

A much faster browser

Fasterfox has been developed with the intention of loading the web pages you visit much faster. This plug-in carries out small modifications on the browser with regard to how the latter treats the data management, the connection or the cache, which can be configured by the user. Nevertheless, users can choose between the different preset configurations that are made available.


  • Speed up the loading of web pages.
  • Increase the download speed of Internet contents on Firefox.
  • Possibility to customize the add-on's options or to choose between certain preset configurations.

Download the Fasterfox add-on and enjoy a faster Firefox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have Firefox.
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Antony Peel
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